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Hisser: Adult Pair (Large)

Dubia Roaches: Medium 7/8" (ML)

Dubia Roaches: Large 1.25" (XL)

Ordered 10 and they gave me 11 big heathy large hissing, 10/10

Quite pleased.

Bugs arrived alive and healthy. Even received extras. I ordered female roaches and one gave birth in the mail. I will definitely order from them again.

Dubia Roaches: Medium 3/4 (M)


They arrived alive and the lizard’s are happy

How To Use??

No instructions on how to use these, not even on this site!

Great product

Great product and customer support.

Dubia Roaches: Large 1" (L)

The best Customer service

Thank you so much for taking care of my bug issues choose your company is the best

Constantly High Quality

I used to order my dubias from another website, but DubiDeli has blown my expectations out of the water. All of the dubias come alive, and they last for a long time. I'd highly recommend ordering :)

Best deal I've ever seen

Any of the Nymphs by the pound from this site are a good deal (just do the math). But I happened to catch this deal and could NOT pass it up. I've ordered over 3k bugs at a time several times and not even a handful will be dead out of the group. I had even better odds with this purchase and will definitely be ordering more

Dubia Roaches: Mix (Large)
Nancy Tigchelaar

From start to finish, it was painless and worth it! The roaches are some of the largest I've received and my dragon loves them. I will definitely make DubiDeli my go to for roaches.

Dubia Roaches: Medium 3/4 (M) (Cupped)

By the pound

I have bought these many times now. Only once did I dven get a single die off and since the post office delivered me a damaged box I blame them not you guys. Roaches are always healthy happy and fat. My suggies and my lizards all suck them down. I would suggest this store to any reptile or glider parents.

Large Dubia

I am very pleased with the amount and size of the large dubia’s. I used a different company before and they raised prices and provided less in a batch. I was told about Dubi Deli and love them!


You guys are the best

I’ve ordered I want to say 8 times now, not once was there a problem also 0 dead. I highly recommend Dubia deli 10/10

No issues

Happy with my order from dubi deli one of the only companies that I’ve seen that offers heat packs for shipping during winter.

First shipment

At first, it was a little weird. The roaches came in like a fabric pouch. I can understand that they take environmentally friendly seriously. After getting passed that I emptied them into a jar that I like to keep them in. Roaches were very healthy and also bigger than what I thought they would be at first I was kind of concerned if my lizard would eat it but as soon as I put roaches in her tank, she went right for it. She went from eating 6 to 10 roaches to about three, because of the size and thickness of the roaches.

Happy pet happy customer
Thank you for doing what you do best breeding and nurturing insect for pets for your customers pets diets. Thank you.

Snack Pack: Dubia Roaches, DubiGrubs, Mealworms (Medium)

Dubia Roaches: Small 1/4" (XXS)
Thank you

Awesome business ..never disappointed..Always good quality and alive bugs. Don’t shop any where else..

Dubia Roaches: MEDIUM Nymphs by the pound - Special


This place is so underrated. It arrived early, most, if not all, we’re alive and doing well. I don’t typically write reviews but I really do love the outcome of buying this. I got 500(i think it may be a little more but I am not sure) and they’re exactly what I expected. I got recommended this from a TikTok video and I’m just so happy I took the risk