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Great quality!

All roaches 🪳 came in and I may have lost a few but they sent extra to cover the accidentals during shipping. Very pleased!

Great Quality

Good quality fast dellivery

First time ordering.

I could not be more pleased with my first order.
I got the size dubias I wanted and the large soldier flies were an excellent size for my bearded dragon. I will definitely be doing all my shopping from now on with Dubi Deli.

Amazing service and not having to worry about not having enough.


Thanks to you guys. Shipment was a day late but no biggie. It was most likely USPS's fault. A few roaches were dead but there was extras which was awesome.

DubiGrubs: Large
Omar Cheeks

DubiGrubs: Large

GreaT 1st Time experience!

So far I highly recommend Dubia Deli. Delivery was quicker than other supplier I have used and roaches in better condition!

Mediums were Perfect size

Mediums were Perfect size , healthy and arrived without any issue.


Fast and great service


Larvae grubs came fast and all alive. Good company , will definitely be ordering again.

1st order of Dubai roaches from this company

Ordered them wasn’t sure about weight (ordered from other company by count, weight makes more sense) got response quickly when I asked and they came all in good shape. Will order again!

rambunctious roaches

My order arrived very quickly and they were well packaged and every one of them was alive and well.

Dubias were Great!

They came quickly, all were alive! All healthy looking!

Arrived on time and almost all alive very satisfied

Nice Dubias

These dubia are hearty, healthy and will be great nutrition for my Water Dragons!

Dubi roaches

I ordered 25 roaches and they all arrived alive and well!! My beardie loves Dubi!!

Adult dubia roaches

Great addition to my colony. These should be breeding soon.

Super awesome

Really awesome fast and the discounts are so great I can’t get enough love this place thanks for being awesome

Always the best

Been ordering here for the longest time.Always,prompt,healthy riaches,none ever dead.always recommended.

Very satisfied

Second time ordering through website. Delivery on time. Roaches as specified. Will continue to order from them,

Dubia Roaches: Large 1.25" (XL)
Derrick Wallace-Mclard
Pretty good

Good all roaches came alive but like 2 so I was pleases

Sir Lizardton approved ✔️

Well you want my opinion so here it is. Dubia roaches are more expensive than you would think and why I'm not sure. I have a breeding colony and like to add new blood once in a while. Dubia Deli is by far the cheapest abs the pop up sales help you save Even more. Usually only lose ten or twenty with every half pound and always healthy and great eaters and feeders. Thanks for doing what you guys do!! Sir Lizardton appreciated it 💜


Exactly what I was expecting, mostly all of them came alive and they’ve been doing well. Top quality Dubais from Dubuque Deli, thanks you guys!


From California to New York, only 1 death... amazing.
I'll be ordering again soon !!!!!

Fast and excellent bugs

I received wayy more than I was expecting and they were all alive only maybe 2 were dead. I received well over 200 Dubias but I did not count exactly. The packaging is secure but a little tedious to manage, I poured the entire cloth bag into a container bigger than the package to sort and look them all over so none got loose. I’ve had them for about a month or little over a month now and with only a very small few dying theyre all still alive aside from the ones my beardie has eaten, excellent price and has definitely lasted me longer than going a pet store.