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Alive and healthy

I have ordered feeders from dubideli many times and they are my favorite seller so far. I've never had problems with shipping or DOD insects with them.

Excellent experience

This was a fantastic buying experience. Items arrived all alive. They were shipped very fast. The communication was great. I am very satisfied and will definitely do business with them again

Dubia Roaches: Medium 5/8" (SM)

Order from this place every 2 weeks Awesome Always alive and healthy when they arrive😊💯📦🪳

Hardy and healthy

My post office misplaced my entire order so they were very cold when finally obtained. Warmed them up slowly and not a single dead one in the entire order! This is why I return, healthy and hardy feeders in many sizes and great value!

Dubia Roaches: Mix (Medium)

Dubia Roaches: Mix (Medium)


Thank you for all you do for our bearded dragon. They are his favorite. I will order again.

Super Quick Delivery!!

I tend to wait too long to order. Thanks for delivering so quick and for the reasonable prices!

Nashville Zoo is impressed

Good quality, timely shipping with no issues

Dubia Roaches: Adult Mixes

Consistent service

I’ve never had issues with orders from DUBI deli. Thank you!

Nice healthy roaches!

All arrived Healthy and plump! The Dragons and Tarantulas would rate them 5 stars as well I'd bet! (Picture of Midas with a mouth full of gratitude)

Every Roach was alive, out of 400.

We ordered 400 L Dubia Roaches for our bearded dragon and every single one was alive, healthy and plump. Very happy with Dubi Deli and their products.

No issues

I received my order of mixed small dubia roaches with no issues. The order came fast especially considering it was from across the country, and I think they're may have been like 2 single dead roaches out of hundreds! Very happy!

Good Dubia Bugs!

I bought 1lb of large Dubia that were on sale. There were plenty and only a couple were dead. They were a good mix of large sizes and very lively. My Chameleon loves them!

Bee Pollen
Isaac Richardson
The Goods

I sprinkle some on my beardies greens and she love this stuff, also keeps the Dubia’s nice and full for a nice snack as well.

Dubai roaches

Perfect size and perfect packaging. We love the cup verses the bag. Also the torn individual egg crates is great. Makes feeding easy.

Nice Roaches

Every time my order comes fast and the roaches are healthy. I typically have a few roaches dead in the package but I think they add a few roaches per order in case that happens. I use them within a week so I cant speak to having them last longer.

LAG shipping
Anna Hammer

All were live and in a very clean container. Thanks!

Glad to have this option

It’s getting cold here, so I had to add a heating pack if I wanted any bugs. All bugs arrived alive and well. Still cheaper than having to buy at pet store chains.

My Bearded Dragon loves Dubi Deli

ALWAYS arrive alive and on time!! I wouldn't go through no other place than Dubi Deli

Dubia roaches

Telling you guys. Theses are the best feeders online. Havent disappointed. Will keep buying.

Very happy Dragon and hooman alike!!

I can't say enough good things about this company. I've tried literally every dubia farm in North America and no one compares to this group of individuals. I just ordered 1/2 pound of dubias!!🪳😍 It's very cold here in the NW right now but I would guess less than 6 didn't make it from the carcass count I did which is just phenomenal. I love this DELI! Order fast and often. 🦎🥰


100% live on arrival. Fast shipping. Very clean container. Thank You.

Dubia Roaches: Mix (Large)

Dubia Roaches: Large nymphs by the pound (some adults) - Special