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Dubia Size: Dubia: 1/4" (XXS)
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Our free dubia cockroach samples are a great way to see if your pet likes dubia roaches or could go bigger in size.  Many pets love dubia!  pacman frogs, blue-tongue skinks, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, tokay geckos, sugar gliders, and pink zebra tarantulas go crazy for them!

Not sure which size dubia roach to get?  Want to see if a bigger size works?  Now sure if your  animals like Dubia?   If you answered yes to any of these questions, free samples are for you!  Pick up to 3 different sizes.  Great for multiple pets or you just don't know what to order.  We ship out free sample is a cup for easy handling.  

Restrictions for free samples on dubia roaches

•   There are around 5 dubia roaches for each size ordered.

•   You can add up to 3 different sizes.    

Sorry, we do not ship dubia to Florida and Hawaii.

The products comes in cups.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Check out different sizes

It took me a while to realize that they have this. You can order samples of 3 different sizes for free! That way you can see what the sizes look like and which one is the best for your pet. This has been helpful for me as my bearded dragon is growing up.

Donald Cash
Free samples

I received the free samples alive and kicking. I still have some of them and my venus flytrap plant thinks they are scrumptious.

Matthew Burger
Best roaches in the country

After trying out a bunch of different roach breeders, Dubia Deli is by far the best from healthy/lively roaches to super fast and easy tracking shipping. 10/10

Jacqueline Chipps
All alive

Arrived in time and my geckos loved them gonna try to start my one colony sometime in near future

Kayla Reese
Thank you!

I am a first time beardie owner and this was SO helpful in trying to decide what size was best for our girl!! There were more in there than i thought there would be and every one of them was alive as well.

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