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Dubia Size: Dubia: 1/4" (XXS)
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Our free dubia cockroach samples are a great way to see if your pet likes dubia roaches or could go bigger in size.  Many pets love dubia!  pacman frogs, blue-tongue skinks, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, tokay geckos, sugar gliders, and pink zebra tarantulas go crazy for them!

Not sure which size dubia roach to get?  Want to see if a bigger size works?  Now sure if your  animals like Dubia?   If you answered yes to any of these questions, free samples are for you!  Pick up to 3 different sizes.  Great for multiple pets or you just don't know what to order.  We ship out free sample is a cup for easy handling.  

Restrictions for free samples on dubia roaches

•   There are around 5 dubia roaches for each size ordered.

•   You can add up to 3 different sizes.    

Sorry, we do not ship dubia to Florida and Hawaii.

The products comes in cups.


Customer Reviews

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Thomas Bradley

This is my second order from Dubi deli And both times had 100% survival, And I feel like the count was also kind of on the heavier side which is never a problem. New favorite place to order from and will order again soon :)

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