Hisser: Adult Female (Large)

Count: 1
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Adult female Madagascar Hissing Cockroach in this group are around 2"+  in length.  Unlike Blaptica dubia, these roaches can climb smooth surfaces.  Hissers have the same diet as dubia roaches:  vegetarian diet.

Hisser adults are more hard bodied and only make good feeders for larger animals like monitors who have the jaw power to crush them.   

Depending on the quantity, orders are shipped in a plastic container or bag. When storing, please use an escape proof container as these roaches are excellent climbers. To contain them, use a sealed container with small ventilation holes (screen) or use petroleum jelly (thick) around the inside rim of the container as a barrier they do not like to climb across.

Sorry, we do not ship Madagascar Hissing cockroaches to Florida or Hawaii.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tuan Dinh

Ordered 10 and they gave me 11 big heathy large hissing, 10/10

Enrique Valdez

I was surprised how easy and fast my order was fulfilled. My grandkids love the hissing cockroaches, they will make good pets and they will learn about the world of insects. Thank you guys.

Matthew Burger
Awesome roaches

I have 0 complaints, you guy rock!

Gerri Nickolson
Bonus with my delivery!!

I ordered 5 Adult and 5 small females, BONUS one popped a litter on the way here !!! colony booster!

Chris Brosseau
Awesome Service!

My daughter received 4 hissing roaches and we only ordered 2. They came in perfect health, and she is enjoying them as pets.


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