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Superworms are the larval form of Zophobas morio, a species of darkling beetle. Unlike their smaller counterparts, mealworms, Superworms are larger and more robust. This characteristic makes them an excellent choice as an occasional source of nourishment or a special treat for reptiles, amphibians, and certain arachnids.

Large superworms measure between 1.5 to 2 inches in length and have a diameter of ¼ inch. Their energetic and agile nature makes them highly appealing to a variety of pets such as reptiles, birds, amphibians, arachnids, and even chickens.  Moreover, they possess a lengthy shelf life and are easily digestible.

It's important to note that refrigeration is detrimental to their well-being. To ensure their vitality, maintain them at room temperatures ranging from 75° to 85°F. For long-term storage in larger quantities, provide a few carrot chunks to serve as their water source and supply them with a suitable food source such as wheat bran.

These worms have the unique characteristic of remaining in the larval stage as long as they are kept in the company of numerous other larvae and receive consistent bodily contact.

Customer Reviews

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All alive and HUGE! I really got large worms when I ordered "large worms". They're nice and fat already; obviously healthy and gutloaded prior. Gonna give them some more fresh food and then let my chameleon go crazy. Thanks for the careful packing, too! There were NO loose bugs in my shipping container! Excellent shipping for these critters.

Travis Limlaw

Still waiting on them!

Patricia McQueary
Super worms

They are always alive Nd doing well when they arrive


Arrived dead

This order was deemed fraudulent by the bank.

David Jurado
Arrived alive

Way better then going to Petco PetSmart. Delivery way perfect and exactly as expected really love using this website.

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