Frozen DubiDogz: Chicken

Weight (Count - Size): 50 g (10 DubiDogz - 1.25" x 3")
Sale price$ 29.99


Recommended for:  snakes and meal eating lizards.

DubiDogz Chicken contain the whole prey making it a highly nutritious diet for your animal.  DubiDogz are more dense then natural prey of the same animal meaning your animal gets more nutrition per serving.   With all the bones, connective tissues, and organs, no minerals are missed out and the proper calcium and phosphorus ratio is maintained.  This is critical for your animals health and the prevention of metabolic bone disease (MBD) that can occur with captive animals.  Our DubiDogs are cased in 100% natural collagen which is already naturally occurring in the animal.  All DubiDogz are vacuumed sealed for long shelf life and contain no preservatives.  These are 100% natural.


Ingredients: Whole baby chickens. 100% natural collagen casing.

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