Frozen Rats (Multicolor): Large

Count: 5
Sale price$ 25.00


Dubi Deli’s frozen rats are fed a high quality varied diet.  This allows the animal to pick and choose what it needs day to day to maintain a happy, healthy, and stimulating life.   We take great pride in making sure our animals are happy and healthy.  Our facility is cleaned daily.  We have plenty of fresh flowing air and a relaxing climate.  Our animals drink water that is 11 stage filtered and re-mineralized for superior heath and taste. 

All of our frozen rats are bred and raised by us (made in America).  When time, our animals are humanely euthanized, flash frozen, and vacuumed sealed for optimal health for your pet. 

Individual Weight(g): 150-265

Length(in):  6-7 (not including tail)

 Quantity Price Each
10-25 $5.00
50-100 $4.25
250 $4.00

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