Black Soldier Fly Larvae: Small

Count: 50
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Black Soldier Fly Larvae are a great feeder for many reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.  If your pet will eat an insect it is sure to eat this too!

Our Black Soldier Fly (DubiGrubs™) are nurtured on a premium, plant-based diet to maximize their nutritional value for your beloved pet. This exceptional care results in a faster growth and pupation rate compared to those from alternative breeders. To extend their shelf life, you can employ cooling methods such as wine coolers, conventional coolers, or placing them beneath an air vent. It's worth noting that many refrigerators are colder than the recommended 55°F, which could potentially harm these delicate creatures."

Should you observe some of your grubs transitioning to a darker hue, they are nearing the "fly" stage of their development. Maintain them until they complete this transformation and witness your pet's enthusiastic pursuit! This experience offers exceptional enrichment for your companion, as these flies move at a leisurely pace, making them effortlessly catchable. Moreover, if your pet isn't fond of the grubs, they're likely to find the flies more appealing!

Black Soldier Flies  do not require dusting with calcium powder as they already contain high levels of calcium and the proper amount of phosphorus for optimum heath.   

Black Soldier  are feed a high quality plant based diet.

Other industry names:   DubiGrubs™, hoenix Worms®,  ReptiWorms™, and CalciWorms®

 Scientific name:  Hermetia illucens


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My baby dragon loves these

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