Dubia Roaches: Medium 3/4 (M)

Weight/Count: 8 grams (count 25)
Sale price$ 8.50


The products comes in bags.

These dubia roaches are approximately 3/4" in length.  These feeder dubia nymphs are perfect feeders for amphibians and invertebrates such as pacman frogs, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, crested geckos, blue-tongue skinks, and Mexican redleg tarantula.

Our dubia feeders are fed a formulated organic diet that is precisely balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your bearded dragon or leopard gecko.  There is no need for calcium and vitamin supplementation - not even dusting.  Other pets love and will get the nutritional benefits of our organic fed dubia as well.  We have done long term studies (over 6 years) on our own reptiles with this formula.

Nutrition Value:

Moisture:  65.6%

Protein:  23.4%

Fat:  7.2%

Fiber:  2.9%


We sell by weight and weigh heavy to compensate for dead and undersized dubia. 

We provide an average count.  Most of the time you get more as we have built in over counts for count sensitive people.  The weight is consistent which is what is important for pet satisfaction.  It is not how many dubia your pet eats but how much food is in his tummy. 

All dubia are mixed male and females. 

These products will be cupped.  If a bag is preferred please notify us.

8g:  25 count

17g:  50 count

25g:  75 count

33g:  100 count

66g:  200 count

These products will be bagged.

165g:  500 count

248g:  750 count

330g:  1000 count

We do not ship dubia to Florida, Hawaii or outside the US.







Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
My Bearded Dragon loves Dubi Deli

ALWAYS arrive alive and on time!! I wouldn't go through no other place than Dubi Deli

Emily Freal
Always arrive alive and live for a very long time

They arrive when they say they will and are all alive. They will live for months if you give them food and keep them in a darkish space. They are a great purchase. Much easier than crickets!

Rachel Presser
My little dinosaur loves them

Dubi Deli has been supplying my babies with quality bugs for years; these were my gone-and-missed toad's favorite and now my baby Kimberley Rock Monitor loves them when she's not a leaping mini Komodo Dragon with the 2" version! This 3/4" size is easy to pop into those rock ledge feeders with the little plastic cups as they're too small to climb out, I use them for the days she doesn't want to hunt.

Justin Harding
Very Pleased!

Thank you Dubi Deli for making the purchase of feeders such a seamless and simple transaction!

Terri L
my beardie and chickens loved them!

I have chickens and an adult bearded dragon. After an annoying attempt to raise these guys myself, I gave up and I found this shop. They arrived in a cloth bag, which I thought was great because it's more breathable than plastic. When I ordered them thru other retailers, they were always in cups or a bag. Since my mail can run anytime between noon and 8 pm, things sometimes are in the mailbox a while. I don't think there was more than one or two dead ones. I ordered 200 with the intention of also giving them to my chickens (they love to chase bugs) and at least I felt it was a healthy "snack" for them. Forgot I no longer had food so couldn't keep them around for long, but they were fine for the 3-4 days it took to disperse. Nice sized as well - just what I had expected

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