Dubia Roach: Starter Colony 1

Starter Colony: SC1
Sale price$ 60.00


This small size dubia cockroach starter colony is a great why to start breeding dubia roaches.    This kit contains everything except the storage container you need to get up and going.   If you are looking to start breeding your own food, this is a good starting place to get your feet wet.

Option #1 includes:

  • 4 egg flats
  • 1/4 lbs roach chow
  • 1 oz water crystals
  • 1 oz bee pollen
  • 2 Adult Female
  • 2 Adult Males
  • 1.25-1.5" (XXL) count 40
  • 3/4" (M)  count 40
  • 3/8" (XS) count 50


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
lots of dead roaches.

Out of 130 ish roaches there were 21 dead on arrival. And although I have added lots of food and water crystals, some fresh fruits and vegetables, they are still dying. there have been about 10 more that have died since I got them (2 days ago). I understand that some will inevitably dye but it seems like a lot. the whether was warm but not hot and was home and received the package and put them in their tote within minutes of getting them home.
based on the other reviews people have had a good experience and not many dead roaches. maybe I just had a bad batch.

First time breeding

I have a big phobia of bugs, well.. I did that is…until I was asked to take on Nermy, my 4 yr old Leo. I have a lot of animals but my 1st lizard due to my fear of insects and worms! Dubai 🪳 are the best of the variety of feeders I have tried in the few months I have had Nermy. He loves them and is a good eater. They are expensive tho considering my fish hobby and other pets. They all eat whatever I research and find to be the best. I like that his 💩 isn’t as potent as with crickets and 🪳 are easier contained. Dubai Deli packaged and sent me a nice colony of 🪳 I am satisfied with the starter set up. All were alive. I had some die off and I imagine to my fault! Maybe this sounds crazy but I feel even with the die off it has grown in a few weeks. I don’t plan to feed from them for a yr and am a fish keeper so I know how patience pays off. I always review when it comes to my pets bc I read them and it helps me so I like to return the favor. The only thing I would add with shipping would be instructions on everything. I know you can watch videos etc but it would be nice to know this info from the seller. Other than that I have struggled with my personal breeding project. I just moved into a larger 22 gallon tub(unsure of previous size but felt too small) I use the water crystals but found drowning I think 🤔 and smelly tub which I clean food out every other day amongst dead 🪳 I am gonna research more bc I feel maybe I could do something about the smell and deaths seem too many too frequently. Dubai Deli sent extras and a wide variety. Not gonna pretend I counted them bc I had a hard enough time taking this project on and not a fan of picking them up.. yet!! I will get over it like I have with feeding Nermy! Thanks Dubai Deli. I will recommend and be making future purchases!


Very few dead bugs. Everyone was moving and happy. First time I’ve ever ordered bugs like this and I was super pleased with packaging


Came in on time and all roaches alive

James Moccia
Perfect colony

I have been in need of this for a while and dubideli made it happen without a single issue. There were literally 2 casualties and I’m not so sure one was just a molt. The transportation was perfect received within two days and all parts were included. Thank you dubideli you made my scaled friends very happy and I will be back for other goodies

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