The Frozen Shipping Calculator (FSC) appears anytime you add an item to your cart that needs to be shipped frozen.  It is very simple and can save you money by averaging the shipping expense over more product.  For example,  It might only cost a few extra dollars to add more product to the cart.  

When Calculate Shipping is pressed, FSC analyzes the contents of your cart using the zipcode provided.  It figures out the total shipping costs of your cart.  While this process is ongoing, the message Shipping:  Calculating Shipping.... will appear. 


The above three items are used together to help you decided your order.

Free space in last box: indicates how much more product can fit inside the last box.  For example, if you have 5 items that fill 50% of the box then doubling the order will fill 100% of the box with little extra shipping costs.

Last box size:  Lets you know the size of the box.  We offer 6 different box sizes:  small, medium, large, etc.

Pay attention to Free space in last box and Last box size. Between calculations these two will let you know if you go to the next box size or stayed in the same box just took up more space.

Boxes in shipment:  indicates how many boxes it takes ot ship your order.  If the value is more than two, then all the boxes up to the last box will be the biggest we offer.


Calculating Shipping based on zipcode 92602

FSC completed

Shipping per item = $24/5 (Frozen Shipping counts as one item) = $4.8 per item. 

More items added to the cart

Shipping per item = $37/51  = $0.73 per item!


What the built-in cart thinks is in your cart and technically it is correct.  Shipping cost - 1 shipping item in cart + product in cart = 37 + 51 = 87

 When you go to the cart page, the FSC is automatically invoked.  The cart page is the best place to add quantity to cart items and have the FSC automatically invoked.   

Hope this help.  Can question you can always email us at!

Happy Shopping!