Dubia Roaches: Starter Colony 3

Starter Colony: SC3
Sale price$ 110.00


This large size dubia cockroach starter colony is a great why to start breeding dubia roaches.    This kit contains everything except the storage container you need to get up and going.   If you are looking to start breeding your own food, this is a good starting place to get your feet wet.

Option #3 includes:

  • 16 egg flats
  • 1 lbs roach chow
  • 4 oz water crystals
  • 1 oz bee pollen
  • 10 Adult Female
  • 10 Adult Males
  • 1.25-1.5" (XXL) count 275
  • 3/4" (M)  count 150
  • 3/8" (XS)  count 120


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Better than expected!!

Ordered a starter colony, and I’m very pleased with the delivery time, and the products. 5 days in and roaches are eating well and doing great! Will order again as needed.

Ben P
Very pleased

I ordered a starter colony of dubia roaches, everything arrived perfectly. Great first experience with this company.

Nicole Wiggins
First time purchaser

We were pleasantly surprise with the quality and speed in which we got our Worms and Roaches. We also got a roach colony! Looked amazing at opening and still haven't lost too many as of yet.

Chris A.
OMG! Roaches galore.

This was exactly what I was after. Excellent service. Well packed and healthy.

They Arrived Alive and Healthy

The Dubias were received very fast (I think two day shipping to Arizona). This is my first time ordering Dubias, so I'm not sure what their behavior is supposed to be like after shipping, but for the most part they appeared to be healthy and lively.
I did have some dead loss, but only a few juveniles, and mostly some nymphs, no adults thankfully... probably about 15 or so total succumbed to the trip. A handful appeared to be dead, but when I picked them up, they started moving... so I placed those guys face down on orange slices, we'll see if they recover.
Will be ordering again!!

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