Bee Pollen

Weight in Ounces: 1
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Bee Pollen is a good addition to your feeding of dubia roaches and Madagascar hissing roaches.  Other insects like crickets will also enjoy this tasty nutritious treat.  Feeding this to your insect not only makes them happy, it also provides valuable nutrients to your pet.

•Carbs:  40%

•Protein:  35%

•Water:  4-10%

•Fats 5%

•Other substances:  5-15% (vitamins, minerals, antibiotics and antioxidants)

For best delivery to your pet, don't feed your insects for a day or two.   Take out the amount you are going to feed your pet and place them into a separate container with some bee pollen.  After they stop eating, feed them to your pet.  Dubia roaches have big stomachs so they are a great delivery mechanism for Bee Pollen.


 Pure and Natural Bee Pollen from California 100% USA Pollen

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