Shipping Information

Please read this important information about your delivery so you know what to expect and have your experience with us the best possible.  

The priority shipping option with an insulated box and a hold at the Post Office for pickup  is required if your temperature is below 40F for a live arrival guarantee.  If you temperature is below 40F on day of delivery, you will not be covered without this option.

The priority shipping option with ice packs and a hold at the Post Office for pickup is required if your temperature is above 92F.   If your temperature is above 92F on the day of delivery, you will not be covered without this option.


We go by the temperature reported on  We have found that most DOA happen from PO en route to you.   It is also highly recommend that you call your PO and have it held.  The PO doesn't always honor the hold for reasons even the post master general doesn't understand.  Many of our customers were told by the PO that they would not hold the package.  They must and let them know that if they refuse that we will be reporting them to the Department of Consumer Affairs.  If they still refuse, please get the person's name and contact us immediately.  We will make sure your package is held.  Your package will still be covered under LAG even if the PO errors on delivery, however reshipment will delay your valued pet getting its food :( so please make this effort so that your pets food gets to you in great shape and without this delay.


We ship Monday-Friday.  Shipping is by priority mail with guaranteed live arrival unless the aforementioned requirements in the above paragraph are not followed.  By purchasing from our website, you are automatically agreeing to our terms of service.  If your package arrives DOA, you must contact us within 2 hours with photos of packing and bugs.   There are no cash refunds only replacements which we do at no extra cost to you. Subsequent replacement will be on case by case basis.  Delivery time is not guaranteed by USPS but is generally 2-3 days.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages but will replace them as a service to ours customers without an extra cost to you.


We always add extra weight  and or extra adults to your order to compensate for small DOA and undersized bugs.  

We take great care in packaging your order.  All dubia roaches are gently placed in a burlap bag with egg flat pieces and stapled shut as shown below.

This method for shipment is done for a few reasons:

The dubi always have a surface to grab onto.  Since dubia roaches can’t take hold on plastic, they can get bounced around during shipping causing death due to stress and trama.  This is more noticeable during colder months since they move slower and have a more difficult time find a place to hang on let alone hang on.  Truck and Plane vibration add to the difficultly.  Our packaging methods eliminate this issue when using plastic containers  and double boxing.

Helps absorb moisture.  Sometimes during shipping, the dubia roaches can get stressed.  This can especially if the temperature inside the box becomes too hot.  They will release water and if inside of a plastic which is not good.  The bag will absorb this moister keeping the dubia roaches dry and healthy. 

The burlap bag servers as a food source.  This is why we do not ship with any food.  There is no need to and carrots can roll or is a heavy object that can hurt your dubi.   See our videos below on packages that were opened over 2-3 months of being in the box.  Not many deaths.  This should put anyone’s mind at ease when packages have been delayed by the PO for a few days.

To be USPS friendly.   If the box gets smashed, the dubia roaches will stay contained.  Plastic containers or a second box inside can become damaged and the dubia roaches can escape.  

We never use heat packs and have been shipping for many years without them with very high success.  Instead, we use a combination of an insulated insert and ice packs that goes into the box and have the package held at the PO.  We find that most packages end up DOA when they go from the PO to the customer’s house.  The reason for this is that the trucks are small and the package can spend hours in the truck which can get very hot.  Unless you are a few stops away from the PO is it not recommend for delivery.    Also just because it is 80F in your area doesn’t mean your package will be safe for delivery.  If your package is placed in one of those metal mailboxes that is in the direct sunlight, the temperature inside that box will be over 80F killing the dubia roaches.  This is why we request you be home when your package arrives or call the PO and have them hold the package.    We are working on a way to have this an option selected by the customer at check out but in the meantime, please let us know.    We don’t know your unique situation.  We do stamp “Hold package for pickup”  many times on the box, but the PO does not always honor that hold even though they should.  We have had many difficult issues with holding packages.  In the end, they are required to do so.   We also sticker the box to notify USPS not to place in direct sunlight or leave out in freezing temperatures.  These are all precautions but once the package leaves us,  we have no control of what the PO actually does.

The other reason we don’t use heat paks is because they don’t last the full trip a lot of times.  More often than not, the package gets delayed rending the HP cold upon arrival and DOA.  Also the insulator works so well that with an addition of a HP, it is too hot for the dubia roaches and they end up dead.  Dubia roaches can handle near freezing temperatures but they do not like it too hot. 

In general, you should always be home when receiving a live delivery.  We do a lot on our end to mitigate DOA but we can’t take care of everything.  For example, if you are not home and your mailbox is sitting in direct sunlight, even for an hour, at 80F this can cook your dubia roaches!  The inside of that mailbox will exceed 80F.   Same thing will happen if your package is in direct sunlight.    To help prevent this, you can request us  label box “Hold for Pickup” so the PO will hold the package.  The PO doesn’t always honor the hold so please call your local PO and have them hold the package as well.  

What to expect during warm weather shipments

If the dubia roaches come in all alive and active, then their journey was successful.  Sometimes there will be death and that can be normal.  If the death rate is high, then there is a good chance more of them will die over the next couple of days.  With a high death rate on delivery, something had to happen to the package during shipping.  Either extreme heat or extreme cold.   In both cases, neurological damage can occur making them walking zombies that will eventually die. Dubia roaches once at normal temperatures should move quickly.  If you have a sluggish dubia roaches, it will most likely die.   

What to expect during cold weather shipments

Open the box and take the bags out of the box.  Leave the dubia roaches in the bag until the bag becomes room temperature.  Once room temperature, they can be removed.  

Getting Dubi out of the bag

After removing the egg flats pieces from the bag, turn the bag inside out and brush off. 

Why are there ice-packs in the box sometimes? 

If the temperate is too hot in our area, we will add ice-packs at no extra charge to you to get them though the few hours that will be hot.  This is automatic and customer does not need to request this.