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Dubia Roach Nymph Sizing ChartDubia Roach Nymph Sizing Chart
Dubi Deli Dubia Roaches
Sale priceFrom $ 4.25
Save 25%
Dubia roach nymph 1/2" inchDubia roach nymph sizing chart
Dubi Deli Dubia Roaches: Small 1/2" (S) - Special
Sale priceFrom $ 4.88 Regular price$ 6.50
Save 25%
Dubia roaches by the pounddubia roach sizing chart
Dubi Deli Dubia Roaches: LARGE Nymphs by the Pound (some adults) - Special
Sale priceFrom $ 19.50 Regular price$ 26.00
Save 25%
medium mix of dubia roachesDubia Roach Nymph Sizing Chart
Dubi Deli Dubia Roaches: MEDIUM Nymphs by the Pound - Special
Sale priceFrom $ 30.00 Regular price$ 40.00
Save 25%
small size mix of dubia roachesDubia Roach Nymph Sizing Chart
Dubi Deli Dubia Roaches: SMALL Nymphs by the Pound - Special
Sale priceFrom $ 56.25 Regular price$ 75.00
Dubi Deli Superworms
Sale priceFrom $ 3.00
Dubi Deli Mealworms
Sale priceFrom $ 2.00
Save 9%
Black Soldier Fly (DubiGrubs)DubiGrubs
Dubi Deli DubiGrubs
Sale priceFrom $ 2.50 Regular price$ 2.75
medium mix of dubia roachesDubia Roach Nymph Sizing Chart
Dubi Deli Dubia Roaches: MEDIUM Nymphs by the Pound
Sale priceFrom $ 40.00
small size mix of dubia roachesDubia Roach Nymph Sizing Chart
Dubi Deli Dubia Roaches: SMALL Nymphs by the Pound
Sale priceFrom $ 75.00


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Based on 1546 reviews

First time purchase firsr time dragon owner rescued a 4 year old ale dragon due to Neglecting he likes them so i like them they were all alive no dead one thats a pluse

Dubia Roach: Adult Male

I love this company!

Won't buy anywhere else! Roaches always arrive alive and shipping is super quick!

I loved this!!!

Dubia Roaches
song tan

Good good

Great size worms 🪱


I’ve been using this company for years. They have high quality products with lots of variety. Grateful to have access to such a place when I live in a very small town in the middle of the high Rockies with a hungry, healthy reptile.


We've ordered from Dubi Deli a couple of times, and each time I've had no complaints! Bugs arrive alive, healthy, and clean. Depending on temps, they've either got a heat/ice pack, and we've never had an issue with time frame between purchase, shipment and delivery. Our most recent purchase, we got 50 superworms thrown in as a gift - which our beardie happily accepted, so thank you!

Med Dubias

Received my 1/4 # Med Dubias in perfect condition and Alive. And can I add I love the little surprise they put in the box for free . This is my go to store with fast shipping and updates. Ty guys for the great job you all do 🤙

Dubia Roaches
Jensen Casey

my bearded dragon loves them

Douglas Gruen
Great to work with

Had a hiccup with my order and got the wrong dubia roaches but I contacted them and they shipped out the correct order the same day. Will definitely order from them again.

Very disappointed that I didn't receive any stickers. But, the feeder bugs were great.

Bee Pollen

They love this stuff and the customer service is 100%

Awesome quality and even better customer service.

Dubia Roaches
Phyllis Herrington

Dubia Roaches

Calcium worms

They came all alive and packed, I ordered 500.

My dragon is smiling

My dragon,Pete, loves his dubis. He also loves the super worms included with this order. Will continue to get my dragons food from here.

Healthy and active!

I received my first order… spending $100 on roaches and worms was hard (for me) to swallow! My beardies (I have 6) are thrilled! I was so happy with my purchase, I quickly ordered more before the sale ended! I have them held at the post office for me so I don’t have to worry about the outside temps. I’m super happy with my order and the quality of bugs as well as the great information I found on the website! Looking forward to being a consistent repeat shopper!

(I work at a big box pet store and since receiving my order, I’ve been letting my guests know about this company! I’m thrilled to be able to share!)

Thank you!

Lovvve them

Love them

Not too bad. Couple roaches were DOA though little bummed about that. They packed a couple extra males just in case though. Ended up with 2 males and about 7 solid females.
Not bad considering the hot weather.

Very satisfied with my order. 1 lbs is a ton of bugs by the way. Around 1300. Pretty good bang for your buck!
Customer service answer my question very quickly overnight, super impressed by that.
Will buy again.

Love them they are Leo approved

Love them my baby gecko did not eat them but I think he’s just picky but they all came alive and healthy none are skronny and weak or dark

Love them also love that they’re free