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Superworms are the larval form of Zophobas morio, a species of darkling beetle. Unlike their smaller counterparts, mealworms, Superworms are larger and more robust. This characteristic makes them an excellent choice as an occasional source of nourishment or a special treat for reptiles, amphibians, and certain arachnids.

Superworms measure between 1.5 to 2 inches in length and have a diameter of ¼ inch. Their energetic and agile nature makes them highly appealing to a variety of pets such as reptiles, birds, amphibians, arachnids, and even chickens.  Moreover, they possess a lengthy shelf life and are easily digestible.

It's important to note that refrigeration is detrimental to their well-being. To ensure their vitality, maintain them at room temperatures ranging from 75° to 85°F. For long-term storage in larger quantities, provide a few carrot chunks to serve as their water source and supply them with a suitable food source such as wheat bran.

These worms have the unique characteristic of remaining in the larval stage as long as they are kept in the company of numerous other larvae and receive consistent bodily contact.

Customer Reviews

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Took to long to get here

Hi Pattie,
So sorry for your shipping delay.
We shipped your order the same day that it was placed, but it looks like your order was delayed in transit a couple of days. Unfortunately we don't have any control over delivery delays. Thank you

Very healthy

All were very healthy and alive on arrival. Thus was my first purchase from here and was impressed by their quality.


Superworms were nice and gut loaded for sure and there were way more than. 200 like 250 in there freaking awesome my baby's loved it

Brian Mintz

The worms looked great when they arrived, and they must have tasted awesome, too, according to the time it took for my beardies to devour them.

True to size

Like with the dubia I ordered these are the size promised! My red monste/German red is a bougie and twice the size of my other beardie that's about 2 mo the older so he turned his nose up at them being so small! But my girl Jave had been eating them everytime I offer them!

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