Exo Terra Canopy Cave

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The Exo Terra Canopy Cave is a multi-level habitat that creates a suitable hiding and nesting spot for tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians. Ground-level caves are often avoided by these animals, and without a proper hiding area, they can develop stress that affects their activity and appetite. The elevated and secure hide-out provided by the Canopy Cave enables stressed reptiles to retreat and regain their strength. When filled with Exo Terra’s Forest Moss, the Canopy Cave serves as an ideal moist nesting hide for tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians to deposit their eggs. The hide features a convenient clip-system that allows for easy removal and checking of animals or their eggs without compromising their nesting behavior. A static-cling is included to cover the spyhole and darken the interior of the cave, providing more privacy to the residing animal and preventing stress. By detaching the upper 1/3 of the static cling, you can check on your animals or their eggs without disturbing them, and then restore the static cling to its original position.


  • The habitat reduces stress in reptiles and amphibians
  • It serves as an arboreal nesting shelter for tree-dwelling species
  • The shelter is perfect for these types of animals
  • A closable spyhole is included for easy observation without disturbing the animal
  • It provides a humid micro-climate that is suitable for hiding, shedding, and egg-laying
  • The habitat features a convenient, self-adhesive clip-system for easy removal and access.

Instructions for Use:

  • Start by cleaning the surface of the terrarium glass where you plan to attach the self-adhesive clip.
  • With the protective backing still intact, position the clip in the desired location to determine its final placement.
  • Mark the position with a wax pencil or other marker.
  • Remove the protective backing from the clip and carefully fit it within the marked area on the glass.
  • Ensure that the tape is pressed evenly against the terrarium glass and there are no air bubbles present.
  • Firmly press the self-adhesive part against the glass panel for at least 30 seconds.
  • Wait for a few moments to ensure that the tape is securely attached to the terrarium before suspending the Canopy Cave.

Size: 6" x 5" x 3" and the entrance is roughly 1" W x 2 " H.

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