Dubia Roaches: Large 1" (L) - Special

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Weight/Count: 19 grams (count 25)
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These dubia roaches are approximately 1" in length.  These feeder dubia nymphs are perfect feeders for amphibians and invertebrates such as pixie frogs, bearded dragons, blue-tongue skinks, ackie monitors, and bird eating tarantulas.

Our dubia feeders are fed a formulated organic diet that is precisely balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your bearded dragon or leopard gecko.  Other pets love and will get the nutritional benefits of our organic fed dubia as well.  We have done long term studies (over 6 years) on our own reptiles with this formula.

Nutrition Value:

Moisture:  65.6%

Protein:  23.4%

Fat:  7.2%

Fiber:  2.9%

We sell by weight and weigh heavy to compensate for dead and undersized dubia. 

We provide an average count.  Most of the time you get more as we have built in over counts for count sensitive people.  The weight is consistent which is what is important for pet satisfaction.  It is not how many dubia your pet eats but how much food is in his tummy. 

All dubia are mixed male and females. 

These products will be cupped.  If a bag is preferred please notify us.

19g:  25 count

37g:  50 count

56g:  75 count

74g:  100 count

 These products will be bagged.

148g:  200 count

370g:  500 count

555g:  750 count

740g:  1000 count

We do not ship dubia to Florida, Hawaii or outside the US.






Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Shealyn Whittaker

Dubia Roaches: Large 1" (L) - Special

Corbin Huyck

Dubia Roaches: Large 1" (L) - Special

Rachel Carbonneau
Great buy!

Order came in a day early. Great seller, great prices and will definitely buy from again!

Damon Prins
Every Roach was alive, out of 400.

We ordered 400 L Dubia Roaches for our bearded dragon and every single one was alive, healthy and plump. Very happy with Dubi Deli and their products.

New bags are great!

No more burlap mess, fantastic! Bugs good, as always.

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