Earn Dubi Dollars with our new rewards program!
Earn Dubi Dollars:
  • Upon signing up for our rewards program
  • Converting rewards/loyalty points to Dubi Dollars from another supplier
  • By referring a friend to our program
  • When referred friend makes first purchase
  • When it is your Birthday!!!
  • and much more!
Converting rewards to Dubi Dollars from other suppliers
Already have a supplier who offers reward points?  No problem!  We can covert them.  See details below on how to do this.
How to convert reward points:
Actually, you don't lose the rewards you have with your current supplier.  We don't want you to feel locked into a supplier you are not happy with so we are given you an option to try us.
Below are the steps you need to follow to convert your reward points into Dubi Dollars.
1)  Log into your existing account and take a picture of your current reward points.  
2)  Send us a picture along with the name of the company the reward points are coming from to rewards@dubideli.com
3)  Create a rewards account with same name as your existing account.
4)  Once we verify the information and you are eligible, we will load up your account with an equivalent number of Dubi Dollars!  
It's that simple.
Thank you!
Best Regards,
Team Dubi Deli