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For feeders (nymphs), we sell by weight since this is what matters to your animal.  It is how much roach meat your animal is getting, not how many roaches it is getting.  Selling by count means that the weight (or roach meat) will vary considerably.  A 100 count could feed your animal for 3 days or a week depending on the size of the roaches in the count.   We do provide an average count.  The average count comes from taking an average of 100 bugs for each group.  You could get more or less on an individual purchase.  Over time, you should get close to the average count.

Adults are usually purchased for breeding and therefore sold by count.

The weight provided is the packaged weight of bugs.  Due to water loss and potty breaks over the approximate 2-3 days of shipping time, the roaches will weigh a bit less than when we packed them.  We do include food and water for their trip.  Please feed and hydrate them before you weigh them.  This is especially important for large quantity orders.  We provide an over weight at packing time to account for losses due to shipping stress.

Shopping for dubi can be a daunting task if you are trying to compare one vendor to another looking for the best price.  Some sell by weight, some by count, some hand count and some have a large range of sizing for a group they sell.  For example ¾” to 1” or 1.25” – 1.75” and then there are things like 10-15% over count.  How do you make sense out of all this? 

Count vs. Weight

The main problem with count is that you do not know what you are actually getting in terms of food for your pet.  A 100 count could last your pet a week or a few days.  The truth is most everyone who sells by count is doing a weighted average.  The only ones doing hand count are people with low volumes of sales and/or you are paying for someone to count.  Weight is the only way to go.  While you can count out 100 bugs, you don’t know if that will weight 50 grams or 8 grams.  Depends on size and there is a big difference to your animal.  If you are buying to breed, yes, count does make a difference or if you are a pet shop selling small quantities.    We at Dubi Deli spent a lot of time making sure our stated averages are close to the count.  We also do throw in extra weighting to account for minimal die offs during shipping. 

Also nice to be able to see when your animal needs more food.  For example if you are feeding 100 grams of  ¾ and that lasts 2 weeks, then at some point later in time only lasts a week.   You can purchase 200 grams ¾” and that would now last two weeks.  Very hard to do this with count since the weight is what matters not the number of bugs. 

On Sizing:

Some people wonder why we have so many sizes compared to other people who offer Blaptica dubia.   We do this to provide a consistent product.  Every time you place an order with us, you know exactly what to expect when you open your package.   It will not very from order to order like other providers. If the size range is too large, we feel that the consistently drops down in what you get.  You don’t know if the bugs are on the smaller or lower end of the range scale. 

On 10-15%  overcount 

Many years ago, Blaptica dubia was very expensive. The first ones I ever purchased was $0.40 each so if one died that was not good.  An overcount was added to take care of any issues during shipping.  We do the same for adults as well and overweight our nymph orders. 

The next reason is that given the large size ranges used, it is very hard to correlate weight to count.  So vendors would get an average weight and then some fudge factor to help them get the count correct.  

On Rumors:

There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about roaches and other things in general.  How do you know what is right and what isn’t?    The best way to really know for sure is do an experiment yourself and compare to stated information.  You should also ask the person where they got their information.  Pointing to papers is the best way.  However, I fear that the information is incorrect because we at dubi deli have seen differently in many cases.   If no one can show you the data and share their experiments to make a claim, then the information is suspect.   Doesn’t mean it is not correct. It is unproven.  Even conclusions drawn could be invalid if the experiment is flawed or important data is not collected or used.  Conclusions are only as good as the person running the experiment.   If anyone has any data they would like me to vet, let us know.  We  are working on our own experiments to prove or disprove internet misinformation.  

Contrary to what most people say,  dubi males can fly.  We have them flying all over when things are dark and quiet.   I have seem them fly 30 to 40 feet in all directions.   But they don’t always care too and if you have a lid on your colony you are fine. The males will tend to stay with the females (wouldn’t you) and only seem to fly when looking for females or food.

Dubi nymphs details:

A large cricket as depicted below weights 0.37 grams about the size of a 3/4” dubi.    The largest dubi is 3.4x the weight of a cricket.  At 2x the protein, 1 XXL dubi is worth 6.8 crickets.  Dubi can save you money. 




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