Dubia Roaches: Small 1/4" (XXS) (Cupped)

Weight/Count: 1 gram (count 25)
Sale price$ 4.25


Due to extreme weather,  your order may be shipped in our new breathable cotton bag.  Survival rate is much greater bagged and we want to make sure your pet's food arrives alive.

These dubia roaches are approximately 1/4" in length.  These feeder dubia nymphs are perfect feeders for amphibians and invertebrates such as poison dart frogs, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, tokay geckos, ackie monitors, preying mantis, and Costa Rican Zebra tarantulas.

Our dubia feeders are fed a formulated organic diet that is precisely balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your bearded dragon or leopard gecko.   Other pets love and will get the nutritional benefits of our organic fed dubia as well.  We have done long term studies (over 6 years) on our own reptiles with this formula.

Nutrition Value:

Moisture:  65.6%

Protein:  23.4%

Fat:  7.2%

Fiber:  2.9%

We sell by weight and weigh heavy to compensate for dead and undersized dubia. 

We provide an average count.  Most of the time you get more as we have built in over counts for count sensitive people.  The weight is consistent which is what is important for pet satisfaction.  It is not how many dubia your pet eats but how much food is in his tummy. 

All dubia are mixed male and females. 

1g:  25 count

2g:  50 count

3g:  75 count

4g:  100 count

8g:  200 count

20g:  500 count

30g:  750 count

40g:  1000 count

We do not ship dubia to Florida, Hawaii or outside the US.

This product is cupped.    Multiple quantities may come bagged.






Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Geri Poarch
Healthy and Appropriate Roaches

My interactions with Dubi Deli have been wonderful and have helped me to feel great about feeding my new beardie. The roaches show up healthy, active, and in great condition. They have so many sizes to choose from so finding the appropriate size is a breeze. These are SO muhc easier to feed than crickets and easier to keep and just makes the whole process much more enjoyable for both me and my little guy. I am so glad to have found this company and will continue to order these roaches.


They always come in time and always alive!

Simone Simpson

I love ordering from Dubi Deli. Dubi Roaches come fast, and live. They give you multiple options to either have it delivered or picked up at your post office depending on the climate. You can also choose to be reimbursed if more than 10% of your product does not come alive. I haven't had to use it yet, because they ship the Dubis really well. Would definitely recommend their services!

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