Tokay gecko

The tokay gecko is one of the largest species of gecko in the world. With its beautiful appearance and friendly nature, it's no wonder this gecko is so popular.

If you're considering getting a tokay Gecko as a pet, you might be looking for more information on the species. Every species of animal is different, with unique requirements.

Thinking carefully about your decision to buy a pet is a good thing. Finding out if an animal is right for you can help to avoid problems down the line. Read on for everything you need to know!

Tokay Gecko Basics

Tokay geckos can be found throughout Asia and in some tropical areas too. They are adaptable creatures, living in environments ranging from the forests of India to the skyscrapers of Hawaii.

Tokay geckos are well known for their brightly colored scales, with these critters coming in all kinds of different colors, and scale patterns.

You can expect to enjoy the company of a tokay gecko for quite some time. These fascinating creatures thrive in captivity and can live as long as 20 years when well taken care of.

Groovy Gecko Calls

Tokay geckos take their name from the loud call they make while mating. While you're unlikely to hear this call from a lone gecko, the sound may emerge if your pet is feeling "in the mood."

Chomp on That

With their bright stripes and spots, tokay geckos may look cute, but they aren't known for their great personalities. In the wild, these critters are fiercely territorial and can be vicious to others they encounter.

They aren't the best reptiles for handling either, as they can deliver a powerful bite if they feel in danger. If you're looking for a reptile that's more beginner-friendly, a leopard gecko or blue-tongued skink could suit you better.

That said, some tokay geckos can become used to handling with plenty of persistence. These would need to be captive-born geckos, regularly handled from a young age.

Night Time is the Right Time

Geckos are nocturnal, hunting for food and trying to impress mates under cover of darkness. That makes life easy for you as a pet owner since you won't need to provide extra light for your night-loving friend.

Be sure to carry out feeding, cleaning, and handling after dark. This will help your pet feel safe and prevent it from becoming too stressed.

What could be better than relaxing after work with a movie or a video game while your pet gecko scurries around in its tank?

Tokay Gecko Care

The basic elements of gecko care are fairly simple. In essence, they boil down to providing housing, warmth, and food. By spending a little time each day watching over your gecko, you'll be able to respond to any additional needs it might have.

A Place to Call Home

To ensure your gecko has ample space, you'll need a fairly large glass tank. As a minimum, look for a 30-gallon tank. It will need a solid top since tokay geckos are excellent climbers.

Remember, your gecko will be spending their entire life confined to this tank. They need plenty of space to move around and exercise. If you skimp on the costs and buy a small tank, your gecko could become unhappy or even get sick.

You will also need to provide some heating to keep the tank at optimal temperature. Remember, geckos are native to humid areas of the world, so room temperature likely isn't warm enough for these critters. The tank should be between 80F and 87F with between 60-80% humidity.

Don't Bug Me; I'm Eating

The Tokay gecko diet is made up exclusively of insects. You will need to provide live food at least some of the time to stimulate your pet's hunting instincts and keep it healthy and happy.

Maintaining a live food stock might be easier than you think. You can buy regular stocks of bugs or even start your own roach colony!

Check Yourself Before You Geck Yourself

Before you buy a pet gecko, think about your circumstances and the kind of care you're willing to give a pet. If you can provide the following, you're ready to buy a pet tokay gecko.

  • A large enclosure
  • Plenty of time for handling and cleaning
  • A fresh diet of live bugs
  • Veterinary care when needed

There are many pets out there with far more stringent requirements than a tokay gecko. As long as you can meet these basic needs, you could get a lot of enjoyment from a pet gecko.

Medical Care and Supplements

If you keep your gecko's tank clean and feed it a good diet, you should enjoy a happy pet most of the time. But things do go wrong from time to time. Geckos are subject to a number of diseases that can strike at any time.

The good news is, an increasing number of veterinarians now treat reptiles. And since tokay geckos are a fairly common pet, you ought to be able to find medical help fairly easily when you need it. Put some money aside for emergency vet care, or consider investing in pet insurance.

Geck Yourself a Gecko!

If you decide a tokay gecko isn't right for you, there are plenty of similar species that make great pets too. It's a good idea to research plenty of different species to find the one that best suits your requirements. Taking care of your pets always goes better with more knowledge.

If you're confident a tokay gecko is the right pet for you, it's time to take the next steps. You'll need plenty of live food to keep your new pet happy, and we can help. Check out our range of dubia roaches, a feast for any pet reptile!

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