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Silkworms are technically not worms. They're instead the larval form (aka the caterpillars) of the silk moth. This species was originally found in China, but humans have now brought it to many different parts of the world.

They were originally domesticated so that humans could harvest their silk. Silkworms produce this material when they create their cocoons. Humans have been weaving silk into fabrics for more than 4,000 years.

These days, however, silkworms larvae have another purpose. Many farmers sell silkworms as pet food for multiple kinds of pets. They've been mostly successful with this, as feeding your pets silkworms can have multiple benefits.

Read on to learn more about these benefits.

Feeder Silkworms Have Measurable Nutrition

Some pet owners may find it more reassuring to know exactly what kind of nutrition they're feeding their pets. In most cases, though, the information they can get here won't be very exact.

You can still trust high-quality feeder breeders to give their feeders nutritious food, of course. They should also provide handy information about the foods they feed their feeders, should you ask. The problem is that most feeders can eat a variety of different foods.

Feeder Nutrition Levels Vary Widely

This means that the nutrition different merchant-bred feeders have in them can vary. It's impossible to get very exact nutritional measurements here. Pets should still get adequate nutrition, but this feeding method may make pet owners nervous.

Another option would be for the pet owners to raise feeders themselves. This can be time-consuming and expensive, though. Feeding your pets silkworms is a better option for nutritionally nervous pet owners.

Silkworms Only Eat Mulberry Leaves

Unlike many feeders, silkworms only eat one thing. Their food of choice is the mulberry tree leaf. They will only eat natural ones or manufactured equivalents.

What's so good about this? You'll have a much more accurate picture of the nutrition your pet will get. You can look at the nutritional content of mulberry leaves and silkworms and know that's all your pet will get.

Silkworms Have High Nutrition

The nutritional values of different feeders also vary naturally. Some may have, say, more calcium than others. Others have more protein than others.

Fat is another nutrition that varies. One issue that is common with feeder worms is that many have a high-fat content. While your pet may like the taste of fatty worms, they're not very good for them.

The feeders with more vitamins and minerals and less fat than others will be healthier for a pet. Pet owners who want to keep their pets healthy should want to feed their pets the most nutritious feeder. Silkworms can be a highly nutritious food.

Silkworms Are Arguably the Most Nutritious Feeders

Compare the nutritional content of multiple feeders side by side. You'll find that the nutrition of silkworms exceeds that of the others on most levels. Silkworms have higher levels of calcium and protein and less fat than some other feeders.

The only mineral that silkworms have a smaller amount of is phosphorous. So when you're feeding silkworms to reptiles, fish, amphibians, etc., you can be certain you're providing them excellent nutrition.

Silkworms Larvae Are Easy to Eat

Just like pets, feeders are live animals too. Most will likely try to run away and/or defend themselves when faced with a predator. A lot of unfortunate incidents can occur should they decide to do this.


Jumping and crawling animals can get away from your pet (though this isn't always the case). Not only does this mean your pet will go hungry, but they can also become stressed trying to chase the feeder.

In addition, the feeder can escape your animal's enclosure. The latter situation can make you have to chase the feeder around your house. If you fail to catch it, the feeder can become a pest and cause damage to your home.


Many feeders can also injure your pet through biting, stinging, etc. The injuries that happen as a result of this can range from mild to fatal. They may even start mild and become non-threatening once they get infected.

You can end up having to face the heartbreak of your pet dying on you. If this doesn't happen, you may still have to pay high vet bills.

Silkworms Can't Move or Attack Well

Do you want to get a feeder that won't attack or escape your pet? If so, consider feeding silkworms to reptiles, fish, amphibians, etc.

Because they have no legs, silkworms move very slowly. They also don't have sharp jaws or stingers. This state will prevent them from causing serious injury to your pet.

Silkworms Are Soft and Big

Certain feeders can make certain pets uncomfortable and/or not satisfy them enough. Pets might refuse to eat feeders because their exoskeleton is too hard or they are too big. Other pets might struggle to get enough nutrition from feeders that are too small.

Silkworms can solve at least some of these issues.

Silkworms Have the Perfect Feeder Form

The large size of adult silkworms can make them the perfect, highly filling food for reptiles, fish, amphibians, etc., that are themselves of a large size. The adult ones may not be appropriate for smaller species, but younger, smaller silkworms can be an option for them.

In addition, unlike some other feeder insects, silkworms do not have a hard exoskeleton and are, instead very soft. Many pets can chew through hard exoskeletons just fine. However, they may feel more comfortable biting down on a soft body.

Silkworms Are Easy to Care For

Oftentimes, pet owners may need to care for their pet's live prey for some time. The level of care that each type of feeder needs can vary. Luckily, silkworms can be one of the easiest feeders for pet owners to care for.

Silkworms Can Live Without Food

If you've only purchased a few silkworms, you may or may not have to feed them until your pet eats them. This depends on the individual appetite of your pet. However, silkworms can live for about a week or more without food if such a situation is necessary.

Silkworm Containers Can Be Simple

Silkworms for reptiles and other pets don't require the highly enriching environment that many other animals do. If you're thinking of raising silkworms until they become silk moths, the rules are a bit different. However, this article will just assume that you're

You can easily just take any plastic or cardboard container, add some air holes, and place them inside. The only real requirement is that this container needs to stay dry. Drying off any foods that you receive before you place them inside the silkworms' container will help the container stay dry.

Silkworm Adults Aren't a Problem Either

The metamorphosis ability of several feeder species can pose a problem for pet owners. It's still possible for certain pets to feed on the adult versions of feeder species. However, it may be difficult for them to do so.

The main issue is that most adult versions of insect species can fly. It can be very difficult, if not impossible, for pets to catch feeders when they are flying. It will also be difficult for pet owners to catch flying adult feeders as well, should they escape.

This isn't an issue with silkworm adults, aka silkworm moths.

Silk Moths Can't Fly

Since being domesticated, silk moths have been bred to the point where they can no longer fly. Thus, it's not a complete crisis if you accidentally keep silkworms to the point where they metamorphose. You can still technically feed the moths to your pets without having to deal with the issues of flight.

Silk Moths Aren't as Nutritious

As a caveat to the information above, it's important to note that moths are usually not as nutritious as their larvae counterparts. Therefore, it's not a good idea to feed your pet any species of moths regularly. You should only do this if you accidentally let your silkworms grow into moths.

We Offer Silkworms Larvae and a Variety of Other Feeders

Be sure to do some of your own research as well, along with everything that you've read in this article. There is plenty more to learn about how to properly care for silkworms larvae, how best to feed silkworms to pets, and so on. All this information will help you best take care of your pet.

Once you're ready to start, consider purchasing silkworm larvae from us. With over a decade in the feeder breeding business, we're sure to have the skills and knowledge to provide your pet with high-quality feeders. We also offer specials often and are always adding new items to our store.

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