Dubia Roaches:  The Gold Standard



"Dubia Roaches: The Gold Standard" is a comprehensive video by Robert Riesenman, the owner of Dubi Deli at the Lodi Reptile Show on November 12, 2023. This video showcases the unparalleled quality of Dubi Deli's dubia roaches, which consistently stand out amongst their competitors and draws widespread attention and acclaim. Motivated by repeated feedback and the noticeable difference in quality compared to competitors, Dubi Deli conducted a thorough comparison by purchasing dubia roaches from leading suppliers. The findings confirmed that many suppliers compromise on care, leading to inferior quality roaches that are not properly fed or kept at optimal conditions to cut costs. This video emphasizes the importance of recognizing quality in dubia roaches, challenging the common misconception that all dubia roaches are the same and that price should be the sole deciding factor. We elucidate the characteristics of high-quality dubia roaches—plump, lighter in color, and somewhat soft—attributes that are direct results of appropriate feeding and optimal rearing conditions. In contrast, darker coloration, a harder exoskeleton, and thinness indicate neglect and poor care. At Dubi Deli, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in dubia roach production, serving a diverse clientele including pet shops, breeders, zoos, and retail customers without compromising on quality. We invest significant resources to ensure our dubia roaches enhance the health and happiness of your pets.



Dubia roaches

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