Variety Mix - Small

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Small MIX:  Contains uniform mix of XXS, XS, S by count sold by weight

The approximate size in this dubi (Blaptica dubia) sort group is 1/4" - 1/2"  in length.  We do a uniform mix of 1/2" (S), 3/8" (XS), 1/4" (S) sort groups.  For example,if you order 6 grams (average count 75) you would get on average 25 of each size.

This is the perfect mix for feeding medium sized animals when your animal doesn't eat the full purchase in a week or two.  This allows you to stage out the feeding by starting with the bigger dubi and as time goes on the smaller ones grow to the optimal feeding size.

We provide an average count.  Most of the time you get more as we have built in over counts for count sensitive people.  The weight is consistent which is what is important for pet sanctification.  It is not how many dubi your pet eats but how much food is in his tummy. 

All dubi are mixed male and females.  We do not pull out females. What we grab is what you get.

Sorry, we do not ship dubi to Florida and Hawaii