Super Dubi Deals- Limit 1 per order

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Most 30% off!

$110:  1 LBS of Adult Females.  Sold by weight,  we are not guaranteeing any type of count.  We do not know the ages of the adults, they are still breeding.

$56:  3/4"  330 grams (average count 1000)  dubia roaches.

$31.50:  3/4"  165 grams (average count 500)  dubia roaches.

$21:  7/8"  108 grams (average count 200)  dubia roaches.

$23.80:  1"  148 grams (average count 200) dubia roaches.


$55:  1 - 1.5" 1 LBS of dubia roaches.   includes some adults.  We are not quoting a count as it varies greatly depending on the size of nymphs you receive.   

$21:  Large Variety 104 grams (average count 100) dubia roaches.

10% over count/weight to account for any DOA or undersized dubi roaches.

Shipping is $8.00 for your entire order. Add other products at no extra shipping cost!