Free Samples - read description before you request these.

We price match +10% on competitor pricing.  Click here for terms and conditions.

Sample is around 5 dubi for each size requested.  See our restrictions below for details.

You can add up to three different sizes to your cart.  

You do not need to make a purchase in order to get free samples.   Don't know if your pet will like dubi?  Want to know if your pet can handle a bigger feeder?  Have a new pet?  

Now you can add this items to your cart and find all this out and more.

We are confident you and your pet will like this feeder and giving free samples is just another way we help our customers provide the best for their pets.



1)  We will not provide a free sample for something you already purchased.  For example, if you buy 1", we will not give you 1" samples.  We already over weight items you purchase so this is redundant.

2)  1 sample of each size only.  If you ask for 10 quantities, you will only get 1. 

3)  If you request more than 3 samples, we will only pick 3 and send those.  How we choose which 3 you get will be up to us.  

4)  The idea behind free samples is for you to see if your pet will like dubi or if you can up the size of what you currently are purchasing or if you have a second pet you need to check feeder sizes for.  The rule between the eyes does not apply to dubi.  It is a cricket rule.  You can go bigger.  However, you can't feed a new born bearded dragon a large dubi.  That will just not work. So be wise and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at for questions on feeder size.   When in doubt always best to contact us.  We are here for your needs.