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Weight/Count: 100 count
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Our DubiGrubs™ (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) are a great feeder for many reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.  If your pet will eat an insect it is sure to eat this too!

DubiGrubs™  do not require dusting with calcium powder as they already contain high levels of calcium and the proper amount of phosphorus for optimum heath.    DubiGrubs™ can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 30 days to slow down the growth. 

DubiGrubs™ are feed a high quality plant based diet.

Other industry names:  Phoenix Worms®,  ReptiWorms™, and CalciWorms®

Scientific name:  Hermetia illucens

Customer Reviews

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Mike Masten
Dubi is the best

I've gotten roaches, mealworms, and dubigrubs from the deli. Been very happy each time I've ordered and this site has become part of my routine when I need food or supplies for my son's beardie.

Fat and wiggling

Always like to see fat and active nutrigrubs. These were exactly what you'd want. My baby beardies love them. Verstappen is hypo trans het for zero and Checo is hypo witblits het for trans lc hybrid.

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