From June 1 - June 17 we will be sending tickets with your order to enter you into our drawing to win Dubi Dollars.  For every $20 you spend with Dubi Deli, we will send you one ticket which will enter you into the drawing.  The more tickets you have entered, the better your odds of winning.


1st Prize:  20000 Dubi Dollars ($200 USD)

2nd Prize:  10000 Dubi Dollars ($100 USD)

3rd Prize:  5000 Dubi Dollars ($50 USD)

4th Prize:  2500 Dubi Dollars ($25 USD)

5-10th Prize:  1000 Dubi Dollars ($10 USD)


If you don't have an account, no problem.  You can create one with us, www.DubiDeli.com, and we will deposit the Dubi Dollars into you account upon winning.  Creating an account earns you 200 Dubi Dollars ($2 USD)


Winners will be drawn on July 1, 2016 and results posted onto our Facebook page (DubiDeli).  Prizes unclaimed for 24 hours will be forfeited and a new winner picked.  To claim your prize, you must take a picture of your winning tickets and post it to our Facebook page to the same thread that announced the winning numbers.


Best of luck to you!

Team Dubi Deli