Price Matching

Dubi Deli will price match against competitor pricing.  



1)  Competitor must be a real  and established business with website presence.  Dubi Deli in its discretion makes this decision.  We will not post our competitor list for the general public.

2)  Competitor must have the item in stock for purchase.

3)  Generally count 1000 or less but we might price match higher volumes on a case by case basis.   In other words, retail.  Still it doesn't hurt to ask, we have beat wholesale prices before.

4)  Email us at with competitor name,website, and item.  Item does not have to be on their website but can be an offered item posted in a group or other website (e.g.  amazon, ebay, kingsnake, etc.)   

5)  Once we accept this item, we will post it on our specials for you to purchase. This will give others the opportunity to get this item at the reduced price.  We will leave the reduced price item up for at least 24 hours.  We may limit the amount of items offered at this price.


Our terms and conditions are subject to change and we reserve the right not to beat the price.  Reasons might include but not limited to.  

1)  Not a competitor as seen by Dubi Deli

2)  Fake offering.  Yes we will check.  We have already caught a few people posting fake ads expecting us to match them.